Cecile Pienaar

I was impressed with the professional and extensive treatment I received. I would highly recommend Dr. Djan to anyone based on him going out of his way to ensure I'm okay. He always responded to emails and checked up on referred consultations with other specialist doctors. He is a very friendly and diligent doctor who really cares about his patients' well-being.

Pieter Albert Swanepoel

Had a tiny shard of glass in my eye. Dr. Djan was professional and quick about removing it, and made sure that the experience was as comfortable as possible.


Dr. Djan is a wonderful ophthalmologist! The quality of care I received was remarkable and his level of professionalism is to be commended. He explained the various procedures and tests he did on my eyes to me in an easy manner. His equipment looked new and well maintained too! Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Djan (especially now that I'm back in the USA where the doctors I've seen for my eye haven't been anywhere as thorough in their examinations of my eyes). 5 out of 5.

Monica Mawoyo

Dr Djan examined and treated my father on 15 December 2016. I found his examination thorough and informative. During the examination, he engaged my dad, asking him questions and offering clear and explicit explanations about the tests and examinations he was performing on dad. As a third party, these explanations were very useful as they enabled me to understand what my dad's condition is. I highly recommend Dr Djan.

June Arendse

Dr Djan made a special effort to consult with me on a Public Holiday. Professional and at the same time pleasant personality. Very good Doctor/Patient manners. I am so grateful for the treatment I received.

Eleanor Newhoudt - Woldu

Thank you Dr Djan and staff for your professionalism and assistance during my consultation and for given my a thorough check up. Wishing you all the best in Private practice....

Adair Blake

Dr Djan is one of the most polite and techno savvy doctors I've ever been to! Professional and courteous, it was a pleasure being attended to by him. The new hospital is very welcome this side of the world.

Patricia Anne

I was so happy that I consulted with Dr Michael Djan as he is the first medical professional I have seen who truly understands my condition, Benign Essential Blepharospasm, which sadly is not very well known or understood. I found him to be very kind, understanding and professional and would not hesitate to recommend his services to people that I know.

Robin Rex

My experience at Dr. Djan's practice was one for the books. He was extremely kind, professional and made me feel at ease during the entire examination process which many other practitioners fail to achieve. I would definitely recommend others to his practice.

Nadia Keown

I would recommend Dr Michael Djan to any1 needing an opthemologist...he was extremely thorough and treated my dad really well.a compassionate man. Very happy with hs service

Adel Myburgh

This is a Doctor that will go over and above to try and help you.

Christoffel Goosen

Had a tiny shard of glass in my eye. Dr. Djan was professional and quick about removing it, and made sure that the experience was as comfortable as possible.

Romy Lambert

Great doctors office with great staff, even though I was nervous to visit the eye specialist initially, Dr Djan really went out of his way to make me feel extremely comfortable at all times and to try fit my appointments into my busy schedule.

The location of the office is highly convieniet for anyone on the southern suburbs!